LP dodges big stink over mammoth trash containers

By Charles Zinn
Linglestown Gazette summer intern

Lower Paxton Township officials most likely are patting themselves on the back based on what’s happening in neighboring West Hanover Township.


Well, taking out the trash is harder these days in West Hanover Township, according to some residents who showed up at a recent township supervisors’ meeting.

Residents of Country Manor Farms, a 55+ mobile home community located along Old Route 22 behind Aroogas, aired their problems with large trash containers that are now required to be used under the township’s new trash-hauling contract with Waste Management. They said the trash cans are too big for them to haul to the curb.

“Everybody here is all senior citizens and they have a hard time pulling them out,” said Helen Marriott.

Some residents of other housing communities in the township have also expressed a dislike for the new containers.

The containers are designed to work with trucks equipped with automated side loaders.

Lower Paxton Township recently considered going with Waste Management’s large trash bins but opted against them when residents and some township officials were concerned about their size.

“People say the cans are too ugly, too big, and won’t fit in their garage,” said Daniel Rosario, West Hanover Township’s manager.

When asked about senior citizens being unable to pull the cans to the curb, Rosario said residents can fill out a form to obtain an exemption from the curbside requirement.

However, that procedure doesn’t seem to be working for at least one resident.

“They promised they would come up and pull them to the road, which they did not do,” Marriott said.

Rosario said the rationale for the township-issued containers came about because the old system wasn’t working.

“The problem is people are not following the ordinances,” he said.

Some citizens did not put lids on their trash cans and this resulted some days in trash flying everywhere and litter collecting in neighbors’ yards. Township officials decided to agree to have a standardized trash can with an attached lid to help keep the litter to a minimum.

In response to complaints, the township plans to have a workshop meeting on August 13 to discuss possible changes to the contract with Waste Management.



  • Linda says:

    We moved here from an area that had WM and the same type of can . VERY important for everyone to know that they have several sizes of that can – just call WM.
    Personally , I am dismayed with cans and lids and trash blowing all over the area so I see the township issued cans as a safety issue and definitely makes for a cleaner area . PUS – you pay no more for WM cans but you need to buy the other ones that blow away or get crushed by cars !