Citizens call for new light on Locust Lane

Staff Report

Tim Murphy, a resident in the Locust Lane corridor, reports that a large crowd attended Tuesday night’s Lower Paxton Township supervisors’ workshop to call for a traffic light at the intersection of Locust Lane and Fairmont Drive near the vo-tech school.

An updated traffic study is needed to convince PennDOT of the need for the light, according to Murphy.

The supervisors agreed that a light is needed. And Yingst Homes, the developer of the Union Station housing community located south of the intersection along Fairmont Drive, also wants the light and will pay for the traffic study, reported Murphy.

Fourteen accidents in the last two years and the poor sight distance due to the skewed intersection should also carry some weight in expediting the approval and installation of a traffic light, he said.

Murphy filed the report on a Facebook group called Neighbors of Lower Paxton. This is a closed Facebook group but new members are added upon request.