Policing fireworks in LP is a work in progress

By Charles Zinn
Linglestown Gazette summer intern

The July 4th holiday is over, but some people are still in a booming holiday mood over their new toy authorized by a new state law – aerial fireworks.

While many people appear to love celebrating nearly a month after the July 4th holiday, citizens in some parts of Lower Paxton Township have been disturbed by fireworks on a near nightly basis.

The novelty might be rubbing off a bit in recent days, but it will likely rev up again as Labor Day nears.

The state law allows Pennsylvanians to legally buy consumer-grade aerial fireworks, but it did include a few regulations. The primary one disallows fireworks being fired within 150 feet of an occupied structure.

And on the local level, it’s a violation of Lower Paxton’s noise ordinance to set off fireworks after 10 p.m.

One hotbed of fireworks activity since July 4th has been Colonial Park. Most spots in this densely populated suburban neighborhood do not have enough space between homes and businesses to legally launch fireworks.

Yet nightly fireworks shows were happening through July 22, according to one resident.

It got so bad that he called the Lower Paxton Township police three times during one evening for assistance in tracking down the perpetrator. Police were unable to crack the case.

Lower Paxton police are aware of this issue, but Adam Kosheba, the township’s public safety director, last week did not want to give an official statement on how the township will enforce state and local laws.

In the meantime, Gazette readers can try to pinpoint as best as possible the location of suspected illegal fireworks activity and call 911 for assistance.
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