NEWS & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE SHOW featuring LP public servant Fred Lighty, 7/21/17 (Episode #5)

This show was recorded at Spring Gate in the Village in Linglestown, which is available to be rented for special events. Be sure to check out all the great things happening at Spring Gate Vineyard & Brewery located in the Paxtonia/Colonial Park area of Lower Paxton Township.

Topic guide:

26:47 – 22:45 Intro to Linglestown Gazette’s approach to providing local news and community info

22:44 – 3:15 Interview with Fred Lighty, Lower Paxton Township Planning Commission chairman – topics covered include public service, proposed development at Blue Ridge Country Club & how citizens can get involved in updating the township’s Comprehensive Plan

3:14 – 0:00 Quick look at the week ahead in Lower Paxton Township

Show links:

Lower Paxton Township Planning Commission (See second listing)

9-question citizen survey on issues related to an ongoing update to Lower Paxton’s Comprehensive Plan (Scroll down to see first survey question)

Dauphin County Comprehensive Plan

Regional Growth Management Plan by Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

How to contact Lower Paxton Township officials:

* Township supervisors’ voicemail — (717) 724-8327

* Email addresses to use for submitting written comments about the proposed zoning changes related to Blue Ridge County Club:

  • George Wolfe, township manager:
  • Planning and Zoning Department:


Episode #4 – Interviews with Polly Murphy & Wacky Weather Guy

Episode #3 – Plan for Central Dauphin High sports reporting unveiled, 7/7/17

Episode #2 – Show features interviews with Anthony Cristillo, owner of The Fat Man Clothing Co., and Aaron Smothers, the Gazette’s first volunteer community reporter, 6/30/17

Episode #1 – Debut show from Pittsburgh, 6/23/17

Sign up to help with Gazette’s promotional video

To get more info or to volunteer to portray a “disappearing” journalist, please contact the Gazette by sending email to -or- contact the Gazette via Facebook.

Date:  Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Time:  11:45 am until 12:15 – 12:30 pm

Location:  Spring Gate in the Village in the village of Linglestown, Pa. (Map)

What you will do:  You will not act per se or have to say a word. You will be supplied with a prop by the Gazette that will make you look like a journalist — it could be a reporter’s notebook and pen, a videocam, a microphone, a point-and-shoot digital camera or a tablet computer. The scene will have 3 or 4 people lined up across a stage. The edited version of the video will show journalists disappearing one by one to denote the lack of community reporters, sometimes called beat reporters, in Lower Paxton Township and Central Dauphin School District.

What to wear:  Business casual outfit (request a call if you need more info)

How many are needed:  3 or 4

After the shoot, participants are invited to grab a bite to eat and drink at St. Thomas Roasters.

Little guy creates giant stuff

Sports column by Bill Bostic

Sports have a way when you least expect it to unfold a series of events that can reshape your world for a day, a week or maybe a lifetime.

For me, watching Jeff Gordon make a daring, dangerous move at Daytona to win did that. For sure, Jack Nicklaus playing a back nine for the ages at The Masters in 1986 at age 46 to win will forever be an inspiration to me. And, I’m still shaking my head over Penn State’s football team coming out of nowhere to grab the Big 10 championship last season.

These events were performed on a national and in some cases a worldwide stage and witnessed by millions. They were great moments in sports. But none of them inspired me to wax poetic at 3:30 in the morning like the baseball game I witnessed last night at an outpost in Lebanon County that features a chicken-processing plant across from the ballfield.

The baseball team sponsored by the fine folks associated with Linglestown’s American Legion Post 272 is making a run for a regional tournament title from the losers’ bracket. They’ve faced elimination the last four games and are still fighting.

Here’s what you need to understand: tournaments like this one that require playing nine-inning games on consecutive days are often won by the team with the deepest pitching staff. This kind of schedule is a nightmare for coaches who don’t have a long roster of arms in their stable.

Linglestown’s first pick to start last night’s contest against the undefeated York County champs from Pleasureville wasn’t ready to go, so the coaches decided to give the ball to the team’s closer, Mario Cattabiani, minutes before the first pitch.

This set the stage for a David and Goliath story to be written by Cattabiani, Linglestown’s smallest player and probably the smallest player by a bunch in the tournament.

Little guys aren’t supposed throw 116 pitches and turn in a complete-game victory, allowing only one earned run and giving up one walk with five strikeouts.

But without fanfare, that’s just what Cattabiani did. Lacking speed, he used his wit developed over 15 years of playing youth baseball at Koons Park to get batters to swing at the “junk” he was offering up. And, he helped himself by making four tremendous defensive plays on bunts and slow rollers.

Cattabiani’s gutty performance and classy Facebook Live post-game interview stirred my soul. It made me realize that my decision a few months ago to revive Linglestown Gazette was without a doubt the right thing to do.

Jeff Gordon, Jack Nicklaus, and Penn State football are OK in a pinch. But little guys bringing giants to their knees in rural Pennsylvania trumps them all.

Mario Cattabiani and the entire Linglestown Legion squad, thanks for giving me a moment that blew my socks off!
Thanks go out to Linglstown Legion coach Barry Shipley for helping with this column. Photo submitted by Mario F. Cattabiani.

Bocce ball returns to Koons Park

The bocce ball courts at Koons Park that fell into disrepair in recent years have been upgraded and are ready to be put into use this week. And, if you’re really into this kind of sport, the courts can also be used for a game called petanque.

Odds are you’re not familiar with bocce and petanque. Well, you have a chance to change that this week.

The Rotary Club of Colonial Club and the Lower Paxton Twp. Parks and Recreation Dept. will be holding an open house on the courts at Koons Park on Wednesday, July 19 from 6 to 8 pm and Thursday, July 20 from 1 to 3 pm and 6 to 8 pm.

Township residents are welcome to come and see the improvements made at the park at the open house sessions and meet members of the Rotary Club to hear the plans for all courts and how residents can become involved in helping to organize activities. There will also be a demonstration of all activities provided and the equipment used.

The Rotary Club has made this possible through the generosity of the club members who continue to assist the parks and recreation department improve the recreational activities for residents of Lower Paxton Twp.

For additional information please contact the Lower Paxton Parks and Recreation Dept. at 717 657-5635.

NEWS & MAGAZINE SHOW featuring Polly Murphy & Wacky Weather Guy, 7/14/17 (Episode #4)


Linglestown Gazette’s NEWS & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE SHOW, 7/14/17 (Episode #4)

Posted by Linglestown Gazette on Friday, July 14, 2017


This show was recorded at Spring Gate in the Village in Linglestown. Be sure to check out all the great things happening at Spring Gate Vineyard & Brewery located in the Paxtonia/Colonial Park area of Lower Paxton Township.

Topic guide:

29:24 – 26:22 Intro to Linglestown Gazette

26:21 – 20:05 Interview with Polly Murphy, head of Lower Paxton Township 250th Anniversary Celebration on 10/14/17

20:04 – 16:33 Update on proposed retirement-style housing community at Blue Ridge County Club

16:22 – 15:00 Linglestown American Legion Post 272 Baseball Team wins Dauphin County championship and head to regional playoffs

14:59 – 11:20 Koons Pool has daily weather reports, plus meet Wacky Weather Guy

11:19 – 10:24 Linglestown under-age-10 baseball team wins Futures Tournament

10:23 – 6:12 Sports is coming to Linglestown Gazette this fall – Gazette Sports Chat & CD Rams Football coverage

6:11 – 5:02 Central Dauphin School District update

5:01 – 0:00 Rundown on local events

Show links:

Bill Bostic interviewed on WHP 580 AM about Linglestown Gazette and local journalism

Lower Paxton Township 250th Anniversary Celebration & $2.50 admission days at Koons Pool and Devon Manor Pool

Lower Paxton Township 250 Years (Facebook page)

Linglestown 250 (YouTube page)

Koons Pool’s Facebook page – look for a daily weather report every morning

Linglestown American Legion Post 272 Baseball Team wins Dauphin County Tournament

Linglestown under-age-10 baseball team wins Futures Tournament

Central Dauphin School District


Episode #3 – Plan for Central Dauphin High sports reporting unveiled, 7/7/17

Episode #2 – Show features interviews with Anthony Cristillo, owner of The Fat Man Clothing Co., and Aaron Smothers, the Gazette’s first volunteer community reporter, 6/30/17

Episode #1 – Debut show from Pittsburgh, 6/23/17

Fireworks tonight in Linglestown’s Koons Park

Fireworks in Linglestown at Koons Park will start between 9 and 9:30 pm TONIGHT. Get there early to find a decent parking spot.

To get a jump on the crowd and a great view of the show, head to Koons Pool for their annual fireworks party that is open to the general public. Admission price is $3 per person and there will be inexpensive food for sale. CLICK HERE for more info.

The annual fireworks show is sponsored by Linglestown Fire Company and Lower Paxton Township.

Gazette launches weekly show on Facebook Live

Below is a link to the Linglestown Gazette’s first News & Lifestyle Magazine Show on Facebook Live.

The show is just under 30 minutes long. That may seem long, but it’s a magazine show, not a quickie YouTube video. You taking the time to view all or parts of the show will help you connect with your community and find out what in the heck is going on.

You can watch it from start to finish or use the guide below the to go directly to specific topics.

For Gazette readers, the most important segment is the one from 16:28 – 6:47 on what is happening with local journalism in Linglestown, Lower Paxton Township and Central Dauphin School District. Please watch it.

CLICK HERE to view the show.

Topic guide:

0:00 – 28:43 … Intro to Linglestown Gazette’s News & Lifstyle Magazine Show on Facebook Live

28:44 – 25:52 … Tribute to Pittsburgh’s Fred Rogers of children’s TV show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”

25:53 – 23:08 … A Linglestown mom, Christina Ziser, is trying to find a kidney donor

23:09 – 21:43 … Lianne Snyder, sister-in-law of Gazette journalist Bill Bostic, had successful liver transplant surgery

20:26 – 16:37 … Update on proposed retirement-style community at Blue Ridge Country Club

16:28 – 6:47 … Where are the local news reporters? How Linglestown Gazette will serve the greater Linglestown area, Lower Paxton Twp. & CD School District

6:36 – 4:37 … First volunteer reporter submits news tidbit to the Gazette

4:38 – 1:50 … Koons Pool updates

1:44 – 0:35 … Why a lot of news isn’t showing up on the Gazette

Blue Ridge town hall set for Monday, June 12

SAVE THE DATES – Town hall meeting on plan to transform Blue Ridge Country Club into a retirement-style housing community with almost 350 units will be held this Monday, June 12 at Spring Gate in the Village, which is the former church located across from St. Thomas Roasters coffeehouse in Linglestown. The event will promptly start at 7 pm.

The town hall is especially for citizens who have no idea how government goes about approving or rejecting proposals like the one local developer Triple Crown Corporation needs to move forward with the Blue Ridge project.

Ironically, the Lower Paxton supervisors will discuss the Blue Ridge plan the next day (Tuesday June 13) during their monthly workshop meeting that will start at 6 pm at the Municipal Center on Prince Street.

Check back for more details about Monday’s Blue Ridge town hall.

CLICK HERE if you have no idea what this is about or need a quick refresher.

Photo credit:

New social network is perfect companion to Linglestown Gazette

If you want more local gossip and community news about the Linglestown area and Lower Paxton, a free private social network called Nextdoor is something you need to check out – now.

The page for our area, Nextdoor Linglestown, has been growing like crazy in recent months because your neighbors are finding out about lost pets, getting tips on who to hire to power wash their deck or paint a bedroom, learning what doctors and dentists are top notch, and receiving alerts when a bear is roaming around a neighborhood.

This online community takes sharing the latest at the fence with your neighbor and puts it on steroids. Seriously!

Plus, folks are using it to sell household items and their services. Heck, I found a great person who did a wonderful job taking care of my beloved dog when I recently took a vacation.

All you need to get started is to sign up for a free log-in. Yup, it’s free. CLICK HERE to join Nextdoor Linglestown, and then be sure to share it with your friends and family who live in your neighborhood.
Disclaimer – Linglestown Gazette receives no compensation for promoting Nextdoor. And if you’re curious, CLICK HERE to learn how Nextdoor makes money.

CD, LP ballot set for fall election

A small number of voters in the Linglestown area made their way to the polls Tuesday for the primary election to nominate Republican and Democratic candidates for the fall vote.

For Lower Paxton’s two seats on the Board of Supervisors, Republicans Lowman Henry and Chris Judd will face Democrats Jacob Kreider and Catherine Scheib.

For school board, Eric Epstein topped Richard Mazzatesta in both the Republican and Democratic races for a four-year term to represent a region that runs along Lower Paxton’s western border. Odds are good that Epstein secured a second term on the board Tuesday.

There also was a race in the same area for a two-year seat, and Eric Mock and Richard Mazzatesta will face off for this spot in the fall.

For the school board seat that represents most of Lower Paxton, Justin Warren and Pamela Pertillar won nominations for the fall election.

LP supervisors race contested on GOP ballot

Editorial by Bill Bostic, publisher of Linglestown Gazette

Two seats are up for grabs on the Lower Paxton Twp. Board of Supervisors this election season with Supervisors Bill Seeds and Bill Hornung opting to not seek re-election.

Fortunately, three solid candidates are on the Republican ballot in Tuesday’s primary election. The two Democrats in the race – Jacob Kreider and Catherine Scheib – will get on the fall ballot as long as no one mounts a last-minute write-in bid .

Best known among the Republicans is Lowman Henry, who previously served as a township supervisor and county commissioner. Beyond being an experienced local official, he has been actively involved with the Colonial Park Rotary Club, including serving a term as president and leading club’s effort to erect a clock in the Linglestown square.

Chris Judd and Timothy Pramik, the other Republicans on the ballot, don’t have the Henry’s experience in township affairs, but both have been involved in the community. Judd is finishing his stint on the Central Dauphin School Board and Pramik has been a firefighter with Colonial Park Fire Co. #1 for 47 years.

Judd has teamed up with Henry on the campaign trail and both of them have been endorsed by the Dauphin County Republican Party. Meanwhile, Pramik appears to be banking on support from the firefighting community and is being aided by some of the same folks who helped state Sen. John DiSanto win his seat last fall.

Henry’s experience in public office and civic affairs would be a valuable addition to the board. I’m not in a position to endorse either Judd or Pramik because I haven’t talked to either one of them.

CLICK HERE for more information from PennLive’s voters’ guide about the Republican candidates.

WARNING: CD taxpayers asked to make $189 million decision in the dark

Editorial by Bill Bostic, publisher of Linglestown Gazette

You probably share with me a strong dislike for making important decisions on the fly, especially when information needed to make good decisions is lacking. Sadly, this is the situation Central Dauphin taxpayers find themselves facing in Tuesday’s primary election.

I filled out an absentee ballot for the primary election a few days ago and discovered that I had no idea who was running for school board in my area. Thanks to Google, I found the names of two candidates but scant information on their background and campaign platforms.

This is outrageous because the nine, unpaid citizens elected to the school board are charged with running a $189 million enterprise that’s funded with our hard-earned tax dollars. More importantly, they make decisions that impact the quality of education that our community’s students receive.

I applaud all the folks who are running for school board. They’re not the problem. The culprit is the lack of a news organization to keep an eye on one of the state’s largest school districts. As President Trump often tweets, “Sad!”

Currently, I’m not able to do this because I work a full-time job. The Patriot-News and PennLive had been doing it until the company’s owners pulled the plug on covering day-to-day happenings of local governments and school districts.

The lack of news coverage in our community needs to be fixed for our community and school district to thrive. Citizens have been kept in the dark too long already.

I’m looking at a possible solution for providing more local news on Linglestown Gazette and hope to roll out details in the near future. Needless to say, citizens will need to pitch in a few bucks a month to make this happen.

In the meantime, below is a list of school board candidates in Tuesday’s primary election. By the way, some of the races likely will be decided Tuesday because all candidates cross-filed to get listed on both the Republican and Democratic ballots.

Maybe you’ll have more luck getting the lowdown on these folks than I did before you head to your polling place.

Region 1 – Penbrook, Paxtang and Swatara Twp. (vote for up to two candidates)

Jeanne Webster, incumbent (appointed in March, 2014)
Beth Sviben
Brian Faleshock, incumbent

Regions 2 – Middle Paxton Twp. and along western border of Lower Paxton Twp. (4-year term)

Eric Epstein, incumbent  (PennLive article)
Richarad Mazzatesta  (Facebook page)

Regions 2 – Middle Paxton Twp. and along western border of Lower Paxton Twp. (2-year term)

Eric Mock, incumbent  (PennLive article)
Richard Mazzatesta  (Facebook page)

Region 3 – most of Lower Paxton and West Hanover townships

Justin Warren
Pamela Pertillar

Note: PennLive recently published a voters’ guide that has background information on candidates. It’s helpful but does not have the level of information that a reporter or two covering the district would provide.

Updated with link to voters’ guide.