Opening of Aldi in Colonial Park still unknown

Multiple sources agree that Aldi, a discount grocery chain, plans to open a new store at the former NB Leibman furniture store on Rt. 22/Jonestown Rd. in Colonial Park.

The Gazette contacted the company by email and received this reply:

There are many factors involved when we open a new location, so we can’t always confirm new locations and opening dates in advance. You can check for upcoming Grand Openings by visiting our Grand Openings tab from a desktop computer or internet browser by going here.

As of Dec. 25, 2017, the Colonial Park store is not listed yet on the Grand Openings tab.

The site of the former NB Liebman furniture store was an Acme grocery store until the 1970s, according to a post on by Joanne Sgrignoli, who grew up in Linglestown and then Colonial Park during the 1960s.

After Acme closed, the property then became a Kiddie City and later a Toys R Us before NB Liebman set up shop.

POSTSCRIPT – A reader informed the Gazette after this article was published that the site of a future Aldi discount grocery store was called the Colonial Roadside Market before it became an Acme store.

Does anyone remember that Roadside Market?



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