Mystery Lifestyle Guy does a local distillery

The Midstate Distillery at 1817 N. Cameron Street in the city was somewhat of a surprise for me. I had no idea it existed until I met some friends for cocktails there a few weeks ago.

The distillery was started by two brothers-in-law, Brian and Dan, and they have created “Harrisburg’s First Distillery since Prohibition.” They have a serious commitment to sourcing their ingredients locally and supporting local businesses.

These guys have done a wonderful job of converting an industrial space into a very comfortable, enjoyable tasting room. More importantly, they have managed to distill some great spirits.

Their Iron & Ice Vodka is spot on and great for mixers, as is their Firehouse Vanilla Vodka (which when mixed with root beer made me very happy).

They have recently released their first bourbon which given a few moments “on the rocks to open up” is sure to warm the hearts of any bourbon lover.

The dynamic duo also distills a corn moonshine they call Pennsyltucky Moonshine that comes in 80 or 140 proof grades. And be sure to try one of the cherries that has been soaked in the 140 proof moonshine because it is sure to put a smile on your face and a warm glow on your cheeks.

There are several other tasty spirits available, but I will let you discover them at your own leisure to reduce the risk of sounding like I have a drinking problem.

Great job Dan and Brian for creating a great place for us here in Harrisburg.

Please drink responsibly if you check out Midstate Distillery based on my take on the place.

Until next time,