Experience a bit of Britain in Lancaster

Linglestown Gazette’s mystery travel and food guy returns with a foodie adventure just beyond your backyard.

For years my travels to and from Southeast Asia gave me many overnights or two-day layovers in London. These stops allowed me the opportunity to explore Britain’s pub scene.

The pubs I frequented always served great food in simple fashion and each with a unique atmosphere. It thrills me when I find these place close to home!
Quips Pub in Lancaster, Pa., is one of these places.

Quips has done an awesome job of capturing the feel of an authentic British pub. With the exception that you can actually sit down and order food with a waitress, one might think they were in London. The bar is well stocked with great domestic and imported beers.

The chef has never disappointed me. He does a wonderful job producing consistent, traditional British pub fare with some unique inspirational twists.

I often default to the classic fish and chips (Tuesday’s special) that is wrapped in newspaper and served with a side of mushy peas. One of my best friends hasn’t looked at the menu in a long time as he always orders the cottage pie. My daughter follows his example and orders bangers and mash.

I was thrilled when I saw that Quips serves beer in 20-ounce imperial pints. I wish our American bars would throw out their 12- or 16-ounce pint glasses and get on board with this concept.

If you decide to give Quips a try, I have two recommendations:

  1. Quips is a small “cozy” pub, so call ahead for a reservation.
  2. Order the Scottish egg for an appetizer.

Until next time,