Development plan nearing for Blue Ridge

Look for formal development plans for the former Blue Ridge Country Club located near the western border of Lower Paxton Township along Linglestown Road to surface sometime during the first quarter of 2018.

Mark DiSanto, CEO of Triple Crown Corporation, hopes to be in position to break ground in early 2019 on the unnamed development that will feature various types of housing designed for the over-age-55 crowd, several commercial lots, an assisted living facility and a 30-acre public park.

Triple Crown received approval from the Lower Paxton Board of Supervisors in September for a zoning change that was needed for the project to move forward.

To get all approvals in place could be a daunting process for Triple Crown that involves dealing with multiple government agencies and residents who don’t want to see the Blue Ridge property developed.

First stop will be the Lower Paxton Township Planning Commission that is charged with determining whether the plan conforms with all land-use and development regulations.

After the Planning Commission makes a recommendation, the township Board of Supervisors will review the plan and make a final decision on whether the project can proceed.

Probably the most dicey part of the approval process for Triple Crown will be addressing traffic issues on Linglestown Road.

Triple Crown must work with PennDOT to obtain a highway occupancy permit. This process involves the developer retaining an engineer to research and write a traffic impact study. After PennDOT signs off on the study, the state agency will work with Triple Crown to create a list of roadway improvements that the developer has to put in place.

DiSanto has already publicly agreed to pay for a traffic light at Crums Mill Road. The sketch plan for Blue Ridge shows a new street intersecting Linglestown Road at Crums Mill Road.

All township meetings related to this project will be open to the public and will include designated times for the public to offer comments.

Also, the public will have access to all documentation related to Triple Crown’s development plans, including the all-important traffic impact study.

This development will be the first housing community in Lower Paxton that will incorporate aging-in-place design standards. The aim is to give residents a chance to live out their lives without having to move out of the township to find suitable living arrangements.

Blue Ridge Country Club was closed in November. The club’s 80 years of operation were celebrated with a golf outing in October that was sponsored by Triple Crown and hosted by community activist Eric Epstein.


  • Featured photo at the top of this article shows the Blue Ridge clubhouse in the background after the club was closed in late November.
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