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Linglestown Gazette taking indefinite break

This experiment in publishing local news and community information on the Internet unfortunately has come to an end, at least for now. It recently has become apparent that all the pieces needed to start a media business are not in place and being a one-man operation is not sustainable over the long haul.

Special thanks go out to my wife, Barb, for giving me the time and space to work on this project, Davis Shaver for providing technical assistance on a volunteer basis, Thad D’Ambrosia for helping stage events sponsored by Citizens for CD Schools and the morning gang at St new balance trainers sale. Thomas Roasters for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

And, of course, thanks to all readers and those of you who have provided encouragement and feedback over the years.

I have not ruled out restarting the Gazette at some point because, in my opinion, Linglestown, Lower Paxton Township and nearby communities need a news source that’s totally focused on the area.

Contact me if you want to discuss ideas or pick my brain. You can reach me via email at

Bill Bostic

The Invitation: A Christmas Story

Editor’s note: This post was first published last Christmas. I decided to run it again because Linglestown Gazette has many more readers today than last year.  –B²

Christmas is traditionally observed, of course, on December 25. But, unbeknown by most, Christmas can arrive any day of the year.

For me, my Christmas arrived in the stands at a high school football game way back in 1981. Yes, at a football game. Let me explain.

Some may have said way back then that I had my act together as a young adult based on graduating with high honors from a two-year business school, but there’s a world of difference between succeeding in the classroom and making a go of it in the “real world.”

Truth be told, I was a mess.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story …

BACKYARD NEWS: Bribe, new start and party invite

Trade ya 6 coupons for your thoughts … Your help is needed, and we’re willing to bribe you to give us about 5 minutes of your time.

To help Linglestown Gazette better serve you and other readers, an online community survey will be launched sometime on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013.

Gazette publisher B² has rounded up six coupon offers from local merchants just in time to use this holiday season in return for you working through 10 simple-to-answer questions.

Please help out. Pretty please with sugar on top, even.

School board set to reorganize …  Central Dauphin School Board will swear in Eric Epstein and William Roberts Jr. as new school board members and elect officers during a reorganizational meeting Tuesday evening in the lecture hall of Central Dauphin East High School, 6:45 pm.

Beyond gearing up for 2014, the only piece of business on the agenda is a vote on whether to advance funds to replace the scoreboards in the gyms at Central Dauphin and Central Dauphin East high schools. The Panther Ram Foundation is footing the $51,000 bill and has $23,000 in the bank to date for the project. The foundation will reimburse the district $28,000 when the money is raised from a fundraising campaign that is under way.

High-tech LED scoreboards will replace the old boards that use light bulbs and require costly maintenance.

Save the date … The square in Linglestown will once again be rockin’ and rollin’ on New Year’s Eve this year thanks to Linglestown Area Civic Association (LACA). Festivities will kick off at 10 pm and the ringing of goat, cow and hand bells will mark the start of 2014 at midnight.

Community groups will provide refreshments and live music will fill the air during this fun community event.

For more info, contact Alex Carl by email at

Linglestown Mayor is longtime pro wrestling fan

Linglestown Mayor is willing to go to the mat for his constituents.

Linglestown Mayor is willing to go to the mat for his constituents.

The epic tale of how the self-appointed Linglestown Mayor got tangled up in the world of pro wrestling rolls on.

You can follow along on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter, and watch for a new video scheduled to be released this week.

#8 … High school wrestling was boring to me. Pro wrestling, on the other hand, was a hoot & I loved watching it on TV as a kid during the 1960s.

#9 … Aside: “Macho Man” Randy Savage was my favorite WWF star. His aerial stunts, raspy voice were cool. Who did you like?

#10 … I attended a WWF event at Hersheypark Arena sometime in 80s that featured Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant. I believe the Hulkster won.

#11 … The Mayor has a secret to tell you – I am a closet entertainer, so this wrestling thing in reality is not all that surprising.

#12 … I can remember watching Chief Jay Strongbow do his war dance and destroy opponents with his tomahawk chop.

#13 … PA’s very own Bruno Sammartino also was a favorite. He recently took a stand against use of steroids by wrestlers.

#14 … Here’s another juicy tidbit – The Mayor has had visions swirling around in his head forever that one day he’d perform before big crowds.

To be continued …

Linglestown Mayor comes out of the closet

Linglestown Mayor is willing to go to the mat for his constituents.

Linglestown Mayor is willing to go to the mat for his constituents.

Every city, town and, yes, village needs a figurehead to fight for truth, justice and the American way, and Linglestown has gone far too long without one.

In the spirit of fun and community spirit, the Linglestown Mayor, portrayed by Gazette publisher B², recently went public at a pro wrestling show held at Sports City on Linglestown Road.

Now the mayor’s epic tale is being leaked out in daily nuggets on Facebook and Twitter. For those of you not into social media, the story will be published on this blog every week. Below are the first seven episodes.

#1 … My life journey began back in the days of black & white TV. Who knew then that the squared circle was in my future.

#2 … This is the unlikely story of how a former 99-pound wussy who excels at non-contact sports linked up with an indie pro wrestling group.

#3 … Taking part in wrestling of any kind was a bad thing for me. I would scream when my bro, a high school wrestler, would put holds on me.

#4 … Like wrestling, football was a no-go. I quit in 7th grade after a giant lineman blocking for a power sweep sent me flying into the air.

#5 … My ESPN moment was scoring 7 points in a h.s. basketball game. But same game coach benched me to give the team a better shot at 100 points.

#6 … Physical contact is a four-letter word to me, & forget about weight lifting. Ping pong, golf, hiking, bowling and square dancing are for me.

#7 … Bicycle racing was a passion in the early 1980s, but I sucked at it because I was afraid to crash – more proof that I’m a pro wussy.

To be continued …

Photo by, ©2013 Kristen S. Poole

Linglestown Area Backyard Gossip, 10.03.13

B² (left) & Lions Club President John Petrina

B² (left) & Lions Club Pres. John Petrina

Gazette does community events … Linglestown Gazette publisher Bill Bostic, aka B², recently spoke to the Lower Paxton Lions Club.

His talk, which included little-known facts about the village of Linglestown, focused on the importance of local news sources and a brief look at the content on Linglestown Gazette.

Contact B² via email at if you would like him to speak at a community group meeting.

LACA_puzzleChristmas gift idea … Share the village of Linglestown with your family and friends by giving them a 250-piece puzzle that depicts the modern-day village and a brief history of the origin of “The Town of St. Thomas.”

Proceeds benefit the Linglestown Area Civic Association, the folks who stage community events like the New Year’s Eve celebration in the square and the upcoming 250th anniversary of the village’s founding that will take place in 2015.

CLICK HERE for an order form that you can print. Deadline to order is Oct. 31.

Save the date … Linglestown’s annual Fall Festival is back and better than ever. It will be held Oct. 18 – 20 and will feature music, historical events, kids’ activities and special offers from village merchants. Check back for more info about this event sponsored by Linglestown Merchants’ Association.

Gazette goes Hollywood, starts video drama series

Fasten your seat belt, secure your helmet and hold on for dear life over the next few weeks as Linglestown Gazette rolls out a video series in advance of a big event coming to the area on Saturday, Sept. 28.

So grab your favorite beverage and a big bag of popcorn and sit back for a wild ride over the next 3 minutes, and be sure to check back next Thursday, Sept. 12 for episode 2 of the show entitled Linglestown Grudge Match.

Be sure to check your pulse if you don’t laugh out loud at this tongue-in-cheek slice of giggles and grins.

Linglestown song unveiled at Talent Show

You missed a great time Monday evening if you opted to skip the End-of-Summer Bash Talent Show at St. Thomas Roasters. Thanks go out to Java Geof for hosting the event, all the folks who performed, Brian Sanders for providing the sound setup and Scott Silverstine and Barb Bostic for doing the simulcast over the internet.

CLICK HERE to view the entire simulcast of the show and HERE for photos taken by Joe Murphy.

Based on feedback, the highlight of the show was Gazette publisher B²’s performance of a song he wrote entitled “My Linglestown.” You can see him do the song by watching the video. (The video’s quality is so-so because it was snipped from a Google Hangout feed.)