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In case you missed it, the Lower Paxton Township supervisors again have received less than desirable media attention. This time it’s for holding a meeting that lasted less than one minute. The Gazette had the story last night on Facebook and Twitter, and WHTM abc27 weighed in with a story tonight.

Bill Seeds (

The dispute centers on whether longtime supervisor Bill Seeds is a legal resident of the township and eligible to serve out his sixth term of office. He’s not running for re-election and his term ends at the end of this year.

His home in the village of Linglestown apparently has been sold and his wife told the world on Facebook that she is now living in Fenwick Island, Delaware. Bill is living with a son in Lower Paxton Township, according to Mrs. Seeds via Facebook.

As a journalist, I could get help sorting through the legalities of this situation by joining the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA). They have a lawyer on staff that specializes in dealing with situations like the one swirling around Bill Seeds and the entire Board of Supervisors. The annual fee to join for an online news organization is $500.

Bill Bostic, journalist

Honestly, the Gazette doesn’t have the funding to do it. The Gazette is set up as a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania and the application process to become an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization is under way. Some commercial sponsorships have been secured and a few readers have become patrons, but the books are bleeding red ink every month.

If 10 readers would donate $5 a month over the next year, the Gazette could join the PNA and immediately get the specialized legal help to get to the bottom of Lower Paxton’s latest public relations dilemma.

At the time this article was written, the Gazette had 6 patrons contributing a total of $39 per month. The telephone call to join PNA will be made if the monthly total grows by $42 per month. (PNA will accept monthly payments of $41 and change toward the $500 annual fee.)

To become a Gazette patron, CLICK HERE and them click the “Become a Patron” button. The crowd-funding website accepts credit and debit cards and payments via PayPal.

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