Put Wacky Weather Guy to work for you

Koons Pool is closed for the season and Wacky Weather Guy aka WWG and KOONS POOL WEATHER show broadcast weekdays on Facebook Live is available to promote your business, group or special event. You can become the title sponsor for a week, a month or longer periods of time.

What you get as title sponsor:

  • Your name would replace KOONS POOL in the show’s name.
  • WWG would do one report each week from your place of business & you or one of your employees could serve as a guest weather reporter – script is provided.
  • WWG would spotlight your product and services as part of the report.
  • WWG would wear a hat and shirt that features your company logo and/or name – you need to provide the clothing.
  • Facebook updates for the report would include a link to your company’s Facebook page or website.

Basic rates:

    • $30 per week
    • Discounted monthly rate is $100
    • Contact Linglestown Gazette for a quote for a  sponsorship longer than one month

NOTE — Sponsorship revenue is split between Koons Pool and support of local journalism provided by Linglestown Gazette.

Book your sponsorship today by contacting

Linglestown Gazette.

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