Gazette launches weekly show on Facebook Live

Below is a link to the Linglestown Gazette’s first News & Lifestyle Magazine Show on Facebook Live.

The show is just under 30 minutes long. That may seem long, but it’s a magazine show, not a quickie YouTube video. You taking the time to view all or parts of the show will help you connect with your community and find out what in the heck is going on.

You can watch it from start to finish or use the guide below the to go directly to specific topics.

For Gazette readers, the most important segment is the one from 16:28 – 6:47 on what is happening with local journalism in Linglestown, Lower Paxton Township and Central Dauphin School District. Please watch it.

CLICK HERE to view the show.

Topic guide:

0:00 – 28:43 … Intro to Linglestown Gazette’s News & Lifstyle Magazine Show on Facebook Live

28:44 – 25:52 … Tribute to Pittsburgh’s Fred Rogers of children’s TV show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”

25:53 – 23:08 … A Linglestown mom, Christina Ziser, is trying to find a kidney donor

23:09 – 21:43 … Lianne Snyder, sister-in-law of Gazette journalist Bill Bostic, had successful liver transplant surgery

20:26 – 16:37 … Update on proposed retirement-style community at Blue Ridge Country Club

16:28 – 6:47 … Where are the local news reporters? How Linglestown Gazette will serve the greater Linglestown area, Lower Paxton Twp. & CD School District

6:36 – 4:37 … First volunteer reporter submits news tidbit to the Gazette

4:38 – 1:50 … Koons Pool updates

1:44 – 0:35 … Why a lot of news isn’t showing up on the Gazette

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