WARNING: CD taxpayers asked to make $189 million decision in the dark

Editorial by Bill Bostic, publisher of Linglestown Gazette

You probably share with me a strong dislike for making important decisions on the fly, especially when information needed to make good decisions is lacking. Sadly, this is the situation Central Dauphin taxpayers find themselves facing in Tuesday’s primary election.

I filled out an absentee ballot for the primary election a few days ago and discovered that I had no idea who was running for school board in my area. Thanks to Google, I found the names of two candidates but scant information on their background and campaign platforms.

This is outrageous because the nine, unpaid citizens elected to the school board are charged with running a $189 million enterprise that’s funded with our hard-earned tax dollars. More importantly, they make decisions that impact the quality of education that our community’s students receive.

I applaud all the folks who are running for school board. They’re not the problem. The culprit is the lack of a news organization to keep an eye on one of the state’s largest school districts. As President Trump often tweets, “Sad!”

Currently, I’m not able to do this because I work a full-time job. The Patriot-News and PennLive had been doing it until the company’s owners pulled the plug on covering day-to-day happenings of local governments and school districts.

The lack of news coverage in our community needs to be fixed for our community and school district to thrive. Citizens have been kept in the dark too long already.

I’m looking at a possible solution for providing more local news on Linglestown Gazette and hope to roll out details in the near future. Needless to say, citizens will need to pitch in a few bucks a month to make this happen.

In the meantime, below is a list of school board candidates in Tuesday’s primary election. By the way, some of the races likely will be decided Tuesday because all candidates cross-filed to get listed on both the Republican and Democratic ballots.

Maybe you’ll have more luck getting the lowdown on these folks than I did before you head to your polling place.

Region 1 – Penbrook, Paxtang and Swatara Twp. (vote for up to two candidates)

Jeanne Webster, incumbent (appointed in March, 2014)
Beth Sviben
Brian Faleshock, incumbent

Regions 2 – Middle Paxton Twp. and along western border of Lower Paxton Twp. (4-year term)

Eric Epstein, incumbent  (PennLive article)
Richarad Mazzatesta  (Facebook page)

Regions 2 – Middle Paxton Twp. and along western border of Lower Paxton Twp. (2-year term)

Eric Mock, incumbent  (PennLive article)
Richard Mazzatesta  (Facebook page)

Region 3 – most of Lower Paxton and West Hanover townships

Justin Warren
Pamela Pertillar

Note: PennLive recently published a voters’ guide that has background information on candidates. It’s helpful but does not have the level of information that a reporter or two covering the district would provide.

Updated with link to voters’ guide.

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