Backyard News, 03.25.13

* Gazette publisher B² jetted to Los Angeles – Marina del Rey and Venice Beach to be exact – to get the lowdown on how to transform this blog into a full-blown community lifestyle magazine.

IMG_0364Watch for updates and info on how creative types in the Linglestown area can get paid gigs to make this undertaking a reality.

By the way, B² fit into the zany crowd that hangs out in Venice by wearing sneakers with bright yellow soles, jeans and a sports jacket. Yup, he was stylin’ on the Left Coast.

* Ring the school bell because there’s a new summary of what’s happening in Central Dauphin schools, including a must-attend public gathering. CLICK HERE to get in the know and to avoid getting sent to the principal’s office.

* Sticking with CD schools, it looks like school board candidate Eric Epstein had a heck of a good time at his “March Madness” campaign kickoff Saturday evening. Check out his Facebook page for photos and more.

* Hey, hey, hey! Linglestown now has a Subway shop at the plaza on N. Mountain Road anchored by Amelia’s Grocery Outlet. What’ next? A Chick-fil-A?

* Got young kids? If so, take ’em to an Easter Egg Hunt in Linglestown this Saturday.

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