Brewery uncovered in Linglestown

Mini brew fest in the works

Millbock's Richard Cranium Rye

                Linglestown brewskie

One of my early-morning java buddies at St. Thomas Roasters recently gave me a tip about a micro-brewery located somewhere in the Linglestown area. He had read about it in The Patriot-News.

Everyone within earshot was astounded by this news, and with no hesitation I launched a Gazette investigation to track down this local beer source.

It only took a few keystrokes on my trusty Dell laptop – fresh off a trip to the factory to repair damage from a coffee spill – to find Millbock Brewing Company on the web and the article mentioned above.

Tracking down the location of the brewery was a bit harder, but the java drinker who gave me the tip used his advanced internet-search skills to find the address.

It turns out that I’ve walked past the place numerous times. I won’t reveal the address other than to say it’s in the Blues section of Linglestown.

The most exciting part of this probe was taste testing some brewskies. After a few calls to local distributors to check on their stock, I headed to Beer N Cigars on Union Deposit Road and purchased a case of Millbock’s flagship beer, Richard Cranium, also known as “Dick Head.”

I shared my purchase with the Roasters gang and everyone gave it a thumbs-up. A panel of impartial taste testers submitted the following reviews:

My first blush response: Wow! I now need another bottle to give the beer a full review. There were so many flavors and it was so smooth that my focus was on the pleasure of the moment. The next bottle I will commit my faculties to critique but for now it is safe to say we may just have a gem here in our little town. Well done folks at Millbock! Wayne R.

My son and I shared a bottle and we both liked it a lot. It was very drinkable and was smooth to the palate. I sensed a whole mouthful of different flavors with the aftertaste. I would definitely purchase more. George K.

I used my favorite pilsner glass and poured the newly opened brew into it at the appropriate angle. I did not achieve the desired two finger foam head – in fact little if any foam. The beer had a nice medium brown amber color, maintained a steady bubbling throughout the duration and did not appear cloudy when held up to light. No notable sediment in bottle or glass. I liked the aroma, closer to hops in my opinion and not fruity. The first sip had a nice bite to it but not overpowering or bitter. The second and third sips were also pleasant to my pallet, no fruity or bitter aftertaste and did not appear to be thick or chewy.

After half-a-glass I felt it maintained the same consistency and taste with the same amount of fizz. The beer had a great taste that would complement a great steak dinner or pepperoni pizza or just a few brews alone with friends. I would enjoy drinking this one again and would recommend it to others. Dennis K.

I thoroughly enjoyed the intense flavor and complexity of flavors on the tongue in the aftertaste. Not just for sitting and drinking a six pack, but best for enjoying with a meat lovers pizza or a strong snack. Ken. M.

I had the pleasure of meeting Millbock co-owner Albert de Bock last weekend when I rode bicycle past the brewery and spotted him with his wife and friends hanging out around a fire sipping beer.

Albert told me that the Eagle Hotel on the Linglestown square and L & N Beverage Distributors on North Mountain Road have refused to stock his beers. (Millbock hasn’t talked with the folks at L & N yet, according to Albert via email.)

To combat the lack of local love, I agreed to help Millbock hold a tasting-testing event in Linglestown. And today, St. Thomas Roasters co-owner Java Geoff agreed to host a mini brew fest in January. Watch Linglestown Gazette for more details.


Millbock’s Facebook page

10 thoughts on “Brewery uncovered in Linglestown

  1. Harry Michelson

    I’ve had Richard Cranium before. I thought it was really good. I don’t understand why it’s not on tap at the Eagle or Arooga’s on 39. It’s crazy to think we’ve got a micro brewery in town, and they won’t stock it. I understand they only have so many taps to use, but still…

    1. Bill BosticBill Bostic Post author

      Harry, your best bet is to go to Millbock Brewing Company’s website and contact co-owners Alan Miller and Albert de Bock.

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