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Citizens call for new light on Locust Lane

Staff Report

Tim Murphy, a resident in the Locust Lane corridor, reports that a large crowd attended Tuesday night’s Lower Paxton Township supervisors’ workshop to call for a traffic light at the intersection of Locust Lane and Fairmont Drive near the vo-tech school.

An updated traffic study is needed to convince PennDOT of the need for the light, according to Murphy.

The supervisors agreed that a light is needed. And Yingst Homes, the developer of the Union Station housing community located south of the intersection along Fairmont Drive, also wants the light and will pay for the traffic study, reported Murphy.

Fourteen accidents in the last two years and the poor sight distance due to the skewed intersection should also carry some weight in expediting the approval and installation of a traffic light, he said.

Murphy filed the report on a Facebook group called Neighbors of Lower Paxton. This is a closed Facebook group but new members are added upon request.



How CD High seniors can get money for college

The Central Dauphin High School Alumni Association would like to inform
the students and parents of the Central Dauphin High School Class of 2014 that the
Association is awarding two $1,000 scholarships to the two CD seniors who best
exemplify “school spirit.” Eligibility or preference of selection shall in no way be
affected by race, religion, or gender.

The scholarship application requires that students do the following: continue their education at a post-secondary institution; have a reference from a school employee; list school and community activities; and write an essay.

Since 2006, the CDHS Alumni Association has provided $16,500 in student scholarships to the high school’s graduating seniors. Funds are generated through various fundraising events throughout the year, as well as members’ donations.

Applications are due Friday, April 4, 2014, and may be obtained in the CDHS Guidance Office or on the Alumni Association’s website. If you have questions about the scholarship, application, or procedures, send an email to or call 717-541-0220.

Linglestown jingles in 2013

By Bill Minsker

The first-ever New Year’s Eve celebration in Linglestown – called Jingle Linglestown – was successfully held in the village square Monday evening. This event was created and organized by the Linglestown Area Civic Association (LACA).

Jingle Linglestown host Tim Burns

Event host Tim Burns

Hosted by local radio celebrity, musician, and humorist Tim Burns, the festivities featured musical entertainment, food and non-alcoholic beverages, and climaxed with the ringing of bells to usher in 2013. About 250 people of all ages attended the event.

In addition to periodic music and humor by Burns, a group called “Mixed Nuts” and two other impromptu local groups provided music.

Thanks go out to Jim Murphy for allowing the event to be held at his business, Murphy’s Automotive Service, and to Boy Scout Troop 68, the Linglestown Fire Company, Linglestown Gazette blog, Lower Paxton Township Lions and Lioness Clubs, and LACA for providing food and beverages. Traffic and safety assistance was provided by the Linglestown Fire Company Fire Police.

Stefan Klosowski wards off evil spirits

Stefan Klosowski wards off evil spirits

Two costumed characters roamed the crowd to frighten away evil spirits, so as to insure a fine beginning to 2013. This ancient European custom known as Sylvester Claus was introduced by LACA member Stefan Klosowski and president Doug Kepler. As midnight neared, Klosowski led the gathering in the premier singing of his newly-created song, “Oh Linglestown,” which was sung to the tune of “America, the Beautiful.”

With weather perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration, the public gathering rang in the start of 2013 with the assistance of a large countdown clock and the use of hand and cow bells, including collector bells sold by LACA.

LACA hopes to expand Jingle Linglestown a year from now by getting more people and organizations to join in the fun of staging a community gathering to kick off 2014.